Did you know there are approximately 3,800 personality assessments on the market? 

Many of you probably know your MBTI personality type or even your DiSC profile. While these assessments can give you a certain level of self-awareness on strengths and preferences, they are also limiting and put you in a specific box. As someone who has transitioned many industries and several titles, I am not a big fan of labeling. This is one of the reasons I am passionate about Hogan.  It is the only accurate assessment that demonstrates one’s personality’s impact on organizational success and improving workplace performance.

As a Leadership Coach who is certified to administer the Hogan, I am able to interpret individual results and deliver personality feedback to my clients.  Everyone know I love custom because we are all unique.

Benefits of Hogan:

✔️ Global – Hogan is in 57 countries and in 47 languages, serving more than half of Fortune 500 companies

✔️ Science-based – Hogan assessments were the first to scientifically measure personality for business

✔️ Established – Been around for more than 30 years (longer than some of my high potentials!)

✔️ Growing – Over the last decade, Hogan has experienced rapid growth in its employee base and global distributorship

✨ Hogan also measures your reputation, or how others view you, which is the only measurable and consequential aspect of personality. ✨

Let’s dig in! Message me here to learn more about the Hogan assessment or to schedule an initial consultation today at calendly.com/mindsquad. 

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